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I am deeply committed to serving my community, and it has been a fulfilling journey. Over the past seven years, I have actively engaged with neighborhood councils, tirelessly seeking consensus-driven solutions that benefit Spokane. By embracing a collaborative approach and ensuring that all voices are heard, I have earned the trust and respect of my peers, which has led me to lead various boards and committees today.

If you honor me with your vote, I pledge to tirelessly advocate for your concerns and interests. I will strive to keep you informed through an open and inclusive method of governance, where your input is valued and respected. Most importantly, I will always prioritize the issues at hand over politics, ensuring that our focus remains on improving our community and making a positive impact in our lives.

–Randy McGlenn

Why vote for Randy McGlenn?

Because he is:

  • A Veteran and Committed Public Servant…
    • Randy McGlenn is committed to serving the public, and that means listening to people and advocating for their concerns.
    • His focus on dialogue and professionalism will ensure neighborhood voices are heard, and that he will effectively promote non-partisan solutions on your behalf.
  • A Proven Leader…
    • With nearly seven years of local community leadership experience, Randy McGlenn has the knowledge, skills and proven ability to address Spokane’s challenges.
    • He developed a communication strategy that increased public awareness of, and engagement in, community issues; it’s now a template for other Spokane neighborhoods.
  • Experienced and Effective…
    • His collaborative style and ability to guide stakeholders with conflicting viewpoints to reach consensus has ensured government action aligns with community interests.
    • Randy McGlenn has made positive steps towards solutions on important Spokane issues such as Camp Hope and the preservation of Underhill Park.
    • His efforts during development of a comprehensive and balanced transportation plan for the downtown prevented potential bottlenecks such as reducing the number of lanes on Boone Avenue near the Arena and new sports complex.
  • Not Just Talk!
    • Selected by his peers to lead boards and committees:
    • Chair of the Pedestrian Traffic and Transportation Committee
      Randy took the lead on this committee when it was on the verge of becoming inactive, continuing an important neighborhood platform for traffic calming and multi-modal traffic solutions.
    • Chair of the Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Board
      Randy provides leadership and direction for local-access street maintenance which is funded by the Transportation Benefit District.
    • Chair of the Community Assembly Administrative Committee
      Randy is part of a team of community leaders that provides direction for the Community Assembly’s agenda.
    • Chaired the East Central Neighborhood Council (re-elected twice)
      Randy led the neighborhood council through critical issues, such as the police precinct relocation, Camp Hope, the North Spokane Corridor, and protecting Underhill Park.
  • Ranked “A+” by FairVote Washington!
    • Randy champions an effective way to bring real equity and diversity to represent you in government.

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