Both Spokane’s property and violent crime rates are higher than the national average.  Closed businesses, lost jobs, a dangerous downtown core, and loss of residents’ peace of mind lead a list of crime’s negative effects.  In Spokane, like in other cities, the causes of crime stem from poverty, substance use disorders, and adverse mental health conditions.  In order to resolve Spokane’s crime issues, I will address these underlying causes. 

There are no quick fixes for the root causes of crime, however, there are solutions to these challenges, and we can make progress on many fronts.  First I will seek additional state and national funding sources to invest in, and expand, job training, affordable housing, and mental health service initiatives.  Second, I will support our police department in its improved community policing and collaborative response strategy.  Support for the Spokane Police Department also includes ensuring proper staffing levels for all neighborhoods.

As your city council representative, I will work hard on this multi-faceted approach to finding and implementing evidence-based solutions addressing your public safety concerns, and lowering crime in Spokane.  I feel confident that I can help create a safer and more secure Spokane.

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